Wednesday, 16 September 2009

book review: handmade home

For the many of you that inhabit the blogosphere, then you will already be familiar with Amanda Blake Soule of soulemama fame. If you are like me, a fan, then you will without a doubt already own this book and probably have made a few of the creations detailed in it! Mine has only just arrived, so forgive me if I rave to the converted!

The first thing I noticed about Handmade Home, was the paper, it has a lovely recycled, uncoated texture, different than the satin feel of Amanda's first book 'The Creative Family' and much better and fitting with the theme of the book. The 30 projects range from papier-mache bowls to a one word banner and are easy to follow, beautifully photographed and you don't have to be an expert seamstress to do most of them.
I was surprised at the simplicity of the projects, they are things that we could all think of and do ourselves and maybe thats why Amanda is so damn good, the rest of us don't think of these ourselves. She reminds us of just how simple it is to create beautiful things for our home and provides a range of project's that are simple for all family members to get involved with and enjoy. This book is ideal for lovers of homemade crafts, sewing projects for the whole family and those looking for a little magical inspiration. I am off to make the portrait bookmarks with the boys!


  1. I love the book too, and agree about the simplicity--these are things we could think of and do on our own, but it seems like we don't, and she really does! There is something magical about Amanda, that is for sure. Beyond the specific projects, it is almost a kind of "lifestyle" book of green and intentional living and I very much like that about it. I have already made the picnic quilt and it is delightful.

  2. I'm still awaiting my copy - even more so now I've read your post.

  3. i would realy like to see this book, seems very nice!!


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