Sunday, 27 September 2009

a birthday camping trip...

picture of inside our bell tent by me!

quite a low key birthday this year, especially after the last couple of weeks. My husband is worn out after his mum passed away and somehow celebrating my birthday a week after the funeral just didn't seem right. So we went away for a camping trip with a few close friends, who kindly drove quite a long way just to spend one night camping with us!

We stayed at Cloud Farm Campsite, in the Doone Valley in Exmoor, and I am wondering if it is possibly the best campsite we have ever been to? But before I share the reasons why, I have two very dirty boys to bath, a mountain of clothes to wash and camping kit to store away for the final time this year! I will post more after an early night and a large mug of hot chocolate... night all!

Plus, as another year has passed, I have a new list to put together - soon!


  1. Looks fantastic, can't wait to hear more, and by the way, how tidy is that tent!
    Love the blanket!
    Julia x

  2. Happy birthday, Emma! I adore your tent and I am completely jealous of the gorgeous places you have there for camping.

  3. Happy Birthday!! what a fantastic trip (and oclorful blanket).

  4. Holy wow, the blanket is amazing! Is this something you created?


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