Tuesday, 18 August 2009

summer flickr favs...

twenty pounds by birchmama. by unravelling [susannah]Sunny Summer Driving by buttonmoOongreen by kat heyes by buttonmoOonsummer by liivia ssummer by liivia sIMG_6471 by dayataglancequilts by tiny happyCovent Garden's Spring Renaissance by Steve Jguardian of the shed by fitzhughfellahome by liivia sdinner guest by kat heyes* bbc on polaroid by * whimsical viewstom likes pie by the mayflyheart by kat heyes. by unravelling [susannah]. by unravelling [susannah]the last of the black berries by eren | thisvintagechicaPeriwinkle Vintage Fabrics by snailtrail.co.uk vw camper hireReady to Go by snailtrail.co.uk vw camper hireDonkey rides by matthboothshrooms by little birdsConstance 1956 Vintage Caravan by snailtrail.co.uk vw camper hiresummer by liivia shome by liivia sold paint by honeyflakeall finished by brown paper and string世界是我們最後的希望 by HaoJanmr and mrs by kat heyesMy verandah! by frillie designsLiving Area by frillie designsroom with a view... by dottieangeloutdoor living... by dottieangelCOOL  SUMMER underwater by javiyTipi Field by buttonmoOon
a sweet summer picture by hyggelignew emmeline by sew liberatedcakes by kat heyesthe livingroom  by MIKO DESIGNThe Lake District by katedowdingthe crockery cupboard by kat heyes by lobster and swan by maggienikolelisboa by liivia sJuly 4th by Darling Dexter by sandra jutofresher than fresh by haeshu* cake and tea by * whimsical viewsfriday night lights by clumsy bird by bloom-grow-lovehomemade strawberry cake by sacredlotusbouquet by kat heyes. by unravelling [susannah]India with a garden snail... by {machel spence}* tea for one by * whimsical views by buttonmoOonsummer by liivia spb & b pancake by simple moth (taking a break)summer morning by liivia swe laughed by Samantha LambPru portrait by snailtrail.co.uk vw camper hirecomfort. by .ella minnow peas.camp by kat heyes by forestboundgood morning, friends by mommycoddleForce 3 by penwrenspring by liivia sThe Meadow Grew Into My Curls by Samantha Lamb by ddot.full time resident by girlhulagood morning by persisting stars

a small selection of my favourite summer flickr pics, click here to find them and discover the wonderful photographers who inspire me on a daily basis.


  1. wow - that's going to keep me going for a while... there's some beautiful shots here

  2. Oooh, I have been obssessing about that crochet blanket for a couple of days x

  3. Just found you over on Flickr and would love to follow your blog. You seem to love photos just about as much as me.


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