Monday, 3 August 2009

Brit bloggers collective...

{photo by me, see Susannah's here}

It had been too long since our last meeting and as I rushed down the M5 to meet the ladies, I had the radio blaring and was singing out loud! As last time, the day was too short and I came away forgetting to ask about Penny's new house, Megg's new job, Leonie's new found pola love and Jo's amazing twin experience! We did however, manage to eat and take photo's ~ lots of photo's of course! 

I love this little group of girls that I would of never met in my everyday life, people who inspire me, bring out my creativeness and understand my dreams and insecurities, thank you Susannah for bringing us together. We started the 'unfolding your life' visioning kits, we didn't finish. I had taken my Toast catalogues to cut up, as I pretty much would like my life to look like a Toast catalogue! Luckily Leonie took hers and saved me from cutting mine up {phew} they are now safely back on the shelf! {says a lot about me doesn't it?}. 

Let's not make it too long until we meet again shall we ladies? 


  1. so true,
    there were many conversations still to be had...
    damn time for going so fast!

    i'm going to stick a mini picture of us into my vision book, and hope it manifests itself again soon!


  2. now *that* is what i call cleavage, Leonie!! sexy mama :)

    it was so lovely seeing you, you mistress of the kitchen. i am still dreaming of scones & jam :) xxx


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