Monday, 31 August 2009

it's that crumble time of year again!

I always know autumn is on its way when the bramble bushes are laden with juicy blackberries. We picked a basket full on our walk yesterday and today bought some lovely new small mason cash dishes to make lots of mini crumbles in. We mixed up a basic crumble topping of plain flour, rolled oats, butter and natural sugar and the boys made their own crumbles by layering up some apple, blackberries and topping. They loved making mini versions rather than jostling for position when making a bigger one! They were eaten rather quickly too...!


  1. Oh! That's so clever! I never thought to make mini crumble! Crumble is pretty popular in our house too, so I'll definitely have to try the mini ones! :)

  2. I just made a peach, raspberry one last night. SO good. I could eat it with a cup of coffee for any meal of the day.

    A mini one would get the little ones involved.


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