Monday, 31 August 2009

it's that crumble time of year again!

I always know autumn is on its way when the bramble bushes are laden with juicy blackberries. We picked a basket full on our walk yesterday and today bought some lovely new small mason cash dishes to make lots of mini crumbles in. We mixed up a basic crumble topping of plain flour, rolled oats, butter and natural sugar and the boys made their own crumbles by layering up some apple, blackberries and topping. They loved making mini versions rather than jostling for position when making a bigger one! They were eaten rather quickly too...!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

random acts of kindness...

I am always inspired by the blog of Andrea of hula seventy fame, especially her secret messages and I also love the guerilla love kits, made by Cori Kindred. Such great ideas, such talented ladies. Inspired by their ideas, I started to leave little messages in library books, happy messages about the book and the bits we liked or the recipes we made, in the hope someone finds them and it makes them smile? It's almost like an anonymous book club!

Friday, 28 August 2009


we put all the names in the hat, quite literally, and Alfie pulled out Lucy's name to win the cup of tea picture. Congratulations Lucy, please email me with your address and I will pop it in the post after the bank holiday. Have a lovely weekend all.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

sharing the blog love...

photo by me

My photographs have been popping up all over the place this week, first here at 74 Lime Lane, a really lovely Australian blog by Kellie. Then, to my surprise on sfgirlbybay, a blog I follow regularly and was quite amazed to pop in only to find my picture staring right back at me! Oh how it makes me happy to know that you love my pictures too, especially this one {pictured} that's my current favorite. I am sharing my happiness today, and if you would like to win a 6" x 4" print of my above 'cup of tea' photograph, then please leave a comment below and I will pick a winner by random on Thursday. For those who don't win the print you can now purchase this print in my etsy shop.

Monday, 24 August 2009

today we made mini gardens...

using recycled plastic trays, a little compost, some stones for stepping stones, leaves, shells, grass and anything else we could find, we made miniature gardens for our elf friends. Ponds were created with tiny yogurt pots and walnut shells made magical boats. There was even a small birds nest made from a shell on top of a stick!

The gardens were left out over night for the fairies and elves to play in, and sure they did as in the morning they had left their glittery fairy dust in the gardens where they had played!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

step back in time...

Over 100 years ago, my great grandfather worked here at this old engineering works and yesterday I was lucky enough to get close to this amazing building, from the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal that runs along side it. Gloucester, the UK's most inland Docks, is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance with a new shopping centre, new hotel, supermarket and a college. It is a shame that some of these buildings have been knocked down and replaced with modern box like structures which aren't in keeping with the historic architecture of the docks, no doubt looking at the state of this one, it will be the next to go.

I looked at this monument to engineering greatness that the city used to have and the other empty factories along this canal and was almost angry that beautiful buildings like this could be left, ignored, like overgrown gravestones. I imagined my great grandfather looking out of the window, down on a dirty canal filled with barges of coal pulled along by horses on the towpath. He would be wearing a flat cap, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He played rugby for his local club Gloucester for over twenty years and we proudly have his picture wearing the famous cherry and white stripe kit hung in our home. The factory was only closed on a Sunday for church, so he went to church then played rugby, no family time in those days, he even got married on Christmas Day in 1900, just so he could play in the traditional Boxing Day rugby match!

I felt as though I was retracing his footsteps yesterday, that I was in an episode of 'Who do you think you are?' I wished I could of met these great characters that I have heard so much about, I wonder what they would think of me...?

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

summer flickr favs...

twenty pounds by birchmama. by unravelling [susannah]Sunny Summer Driving by buttonmoOongreen by kat heyes by buttonmoOonsummer by liivia ssummer by liivia sIMG_6471 by dayataglancequilts by tiny happyCovent Garden's Spring Renaissance by Steve Jguardian of the shed by fitzhughfellahome by liivia sdinner guest by kat heyes* bbc on polaroid by * whimsical viewstom likes pie by the mayflyheart by kat heyes. by unravelling [susannah]. by unravelling [susannah]the last of the black berries by eren | thisvintagechicaPeriwinkle Vintage Fabrics by vw camper hireReady to Go by vw camper hireDonkey rides by matthboothshrooms by little birdsConstance 1956 Vintage Caravan by vw camper hiresummer by liivia shome by liivia sold paint by honeyflakeall finished by brown paper and string世界是我們最後的希望 by HaoJanmr and mrs by kat heyesMy verandah! by frillie designsLiving Area by frillie designsroom with a view... by dottieangeloutdoor living... by dottieangelCOOL  SUMMER underwater by javiyTipi Field by buttonmoOon
a sweet summer picture by hyggelignew emmeline by sew liberatedcakes by kat heyesthe livingroom  by MIKO DESIGNThe Lake District by katedowdingthe crockery cupboard by kat heyes by lobster and swan by maggienikolelisboa by liivia sJuly 4th by Darling Dexter by sandra jutofresher than fresh by haeshu* cake and tea by * whimsical viewsfriday night lights by clumsy bird by bloom-grow-lovehomemade strawberry cake by sacredlotusbouquet by kat heyes. by unravelling [susannah]India with a garden snail... by {machel spence}* tea for one by * whimsical views by buttonmoOonsummer by liivia spb & b pancake by simple moth (taking a break)summer morning by liivia swe laughed by Samantha LambPru portrait by vw camper hirecomfort. by .ella minnow by kat heyes by forestboundgood morning, friends by mommycoddleForce 3 by penwrenspring by liivia sThe Meadow Grew Into My Curls by Samantha Lamb by ddot.full time resident by girlhulagood morning by persisting stars

a small selection of my favourite summer flickr pics, click here to find them and discover the wonderful photographers who inspire me on a daily basis.
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