Friday, 17 July 2009

we finally got our allotment ~ yay!

After a year of waiting and a HUGE backlash against the allotment by local villagers {NIMBY's} we have finally been advised by the council that there will be a site provided. We live in a beautiful, very picturesque village, where houses are expensive and there is an aging population. The allotment site is about a quarter of a field on the outskirts of the village, in front of a large listed mansion {divided into apartments} and visible to all driving past.

Without even finding out the facts, a group of villagers, started a petition, using an artists impression of a horrible allotment site covering the whole field. By misleading local people, they have been discredited, for example the sight line to the beautiful mansion is not compromised, it is agricultural land and therefore does not come under conservation status like buildings do, nor will there be sheds or a huge car park. Nor will having a water supply, increase the risk of flooding to local houses! The stories that have been told!

Despite their campaign we have stayed firm, there is no truth in the stories they have told and therefore the only objection is one of a personal dislike of allotments, which in this day and age somewhat surprising and disappointing.

For young families like us, who have very small gardens and are effected by the increasing food prices, an allotment is a dream come true. We are very excited and will make the allotment site the front garden of our village, lets hope this is where the battle ends...


  1. Congratulations! That is wonderful news. Can't wait to see what you do with the space!

  2. That's wonderful news - congratulations! I remember your post earlier in the year about other residents' resistance...
    Enjoy the digging!!!! (I took my eldest and youngest on Thursday morning - they spent hours snacking on the peas and the courgettes (I think they mistook them for cucumbers:-)).. And me too of course. I love being on the allotment..

  3. How exciting! What great news. I hope you have lots of happy times at your plot and lots of yummy times later! Penny L

  4. That's fantastic! And I love allotment sites - they're so beautiful.

  5. Delighted to hear this news, I was shocked when I read your previous post about this issue.

  6. Well done you, there is nothing like growing your own and I compleatly agree with your reasoning. Keep up the good work and show us some photo's of your plot.
    Sophie xxxx

  7. Yay! Congratulations! We recently got an allotment after waiting the best part of 2 years. It was in an awful state and needs a lot of work but we are getting somewhere slowly!
    I'm really looking forward to hearing more about yours :o)


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