Wednesday, 22 July 2009

there was a party...

we wore fancy dress, 
played party games, 
received lots of presents, 
made a dinosaur birthday cake, 
watched as a balloon floated up into the sky, 
& took great delight in mischievously letting another go egged on by friends!

gave out toy rats/bats to the boys,
and a posy of flowers for the girls, 
blew out SIX candles on the cake, 
and gave out generous slices to our guests, 
wrote out who gave all the presents in a long list, 
ready to write the thank you letters ~ oh the downside of parties! 

we are all now pooped and eating the leftovers ~ egg sandwich anyone?


  1. Very sweet! Just in the middle of planning my son's 3rd birthday next month and you've really inspired me. Love the spider thank you notes and recognise that list-making for present thank yous!

  2. i so agree about the goody bags, we gave toy cars to the boys , thank you for the egg sandwich offer :-)

  3. So CUTE!!! Happy Birthday!

  4. Reading this makes me very excited for planning our very own 6 year old b-day party! Love the idea of flowers for the girls - very thoughtful!


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