Monday, 20 July 2009

party prep...

We are preparing for a sixth birthday party here, with all the excitement and noise that comes along with it. Instead of the dreaded party bags (which I hate, waste of money, full of plastic unethical crap that breaks) we are giving all the boys a toy (rat/bat/spider) and the girls a posy of flowers, each with a tag saying "thank you for coming to my party" hand written by the birthday boy. I have made some 'cut out and colour' fancy dress "Alfie's" to match the invitations, but I can't figure out how to attach a PDF to the blog, has anyone else done this? 

Now to plan the party games and thank you for the most valuable advice of not playing hunt the thimble Jackie! I thought, pass the parcel, pass the balloon between your knees, musical statues/bumps, the flour cake game, treasure hunt and sleeping lions to end, again good advice to have a wind down game at the end, thank you Thimbleina. 

Oh and make the cake, which this year is to be chocolate with dinosaurs on top! or footballers or cowboys, the boy is worse at making decisions than I am! 


  1. We had my sons 6th birthday party yesterday ( 24 6 year olds - what was I thinking!) and they really enjoyed a hula hoop game. Make two teams, they stand in a line and hold hands then must pass the hoop from one end to the other stepping through it without letting go of each others hands.
    Have fun!

  2. Great party gifts, definately better than the usual party bag. The games sound great. Can't wait to see your cake. Hope Alfie has a great time at his party


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