Thursday, 23 July 2009

now we are six...

to my wonderful boy, 

you are now six. You greet each day with such excitement and energy. On the eve of your birthday, I asked what presents you were hoping for and you answered "What people give me, mummy" and inside my heart swelled with pride. You don't ask for much and aren't bothered by toys, you would rather play with your friends or your brother and parents. You love action games, dressing up, adventures or football. You love riding your bike and go so fast that one of your birthday presents was wrist, elbow and knee pads! 

You were making castles at school a few weeks ago and all the children came out with cereal box sized castles, you walked out with one almost as big as you are, with boxes, turrets and many many other features! You are so creative and are always full of big ideas. You are kind and thoughtful and not only invited your friends to your party, but their little brothers and sisters too, spending time at your party cuddling your little one year old friend Charlie. 

As I stroked your head at the end of such a wonderful day, I watched you as you slept and remembered that six years to the day, I was also watching you, my newborn son. I can remember watching you for hours, in your hospital crib, thinking how perfect you were and holding you with all the awkwardness of a new mum. You have grown into such a handsome boy and I am lucky that you are mine. 

Happy birthday Alfie x  


  1. Alfie sounds like such a lovely little boy, and a real credit to you. In the words of A A Milne ... 'But now I am six, I'm as clever as clever. So I think I'll be six now forever and ever'

  2. So sweet...Happy Birthday Alfie!

  3. oh Happy happy Birthday. this is so very special.


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