Sunday, 26 July 2009

married to a collector...

we all have things we collect and covet, for my husband it is natural history books. I am not sure quite how many identification books we need, but apparently they are all different. He loves the Collins New Naturalist series, which you can see on the top shelves, which date back to the 1940's and are still written and published today. In fact he has come to expect the latest, for his birthday or Christmas... surprise!!!!! The older books are beautiful, so much care and craftsmanship went into them and it is wonderful to look at the illustrations, rather than photos that are used in modern publishing. The collection is like a little library don't you think?


  1. i love this collection! i love books so much.
    i also love your page. glad to meet you!

  2. you've displayed them very nicely! I like the way the colours are so muted - they look like books whose exteriors don't have to be garish to command attention.


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