Thursday, 2 July 2009

hobby horse...

I have fallen in love with homemade hobby horses, this one was made by Chia-Li, the Parent & Toddler Group leader at our local Steiner School. It will be our group project in the Autumn term, but as you can see Ted loves it so much we are starting ours at home {we have already secretly pinched daddy's socks!}. Chia-Li is going to buy some clips, the kind you get from ikea to hang your brooms up with, so that all the horses can be 'parked' next to each other on the veranda! 

All you need is a stick for the horse and another for the handles, which you notch so they sit together firmly as a cross. An old sock, stuffed with organic wool, and some wool for the mane. Buttons for the eyes and some stiff felt for the ears, it's really quite simple to put together and each horse really does take on it's own identity. If you are looking for a summer crafting project, then please join me and make your own... we could have a gymkhana


  1. Emma, so darling! (and whatever happened to those easter bunnies we were going to needlefelt? hehe)

    I also wanted to give you a heads up about a nature table exchange I'm hostessing: Signups are happening now - I'd so love to have you join.

    xox K

  2. that's fab. Definitely a summer holiday craft project to add to our list of things to do!

  3. gorgeous. i'd love to make one with che. will post about it if i do (when i do!)


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