Saturday, 25 July 2009

cowboys and indians...

Owning a bell tent, makes the game of cowboys and indians a little more realistic as it makes a great tipi substitute! We make our indian headdresses with thick cotton ribbon and attach the feathers by sewing them on, making sure we measure the length of ribbon we need first by measuring around our heads. The feathers are all collected from our nature walks.

They are so simple, effective and cheap to make and are great fun to wear whilst running around a campsite!


  1. Our "Bell" is going on its first outing this week x

  2. LOVE this idea, but all I could think of was my mum warning me about these whenever i picked up found feathers:
    i don't actually know if they can jump to humans, do you? wonder if popping found feathers in freezer would do anything...

  3. ew ~ I must admit I hadn't heard about feather mites before! I always look at the feathers first to check there isn't anything gruesome on them, I will look more carefully in the future! thanks.


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