Tuesday, 14 July 2009

the circus is back...

Every two years Giffords Circus tours the Cotswold Villages in all of it's boutique 1940's splendor! Unfortunately, not this year, but they have just announced that they are taking bookings for the new 2010 show! The new show is called 'Yasmine - a musical' about the legendary horse trainer Yasmine Smart. This circus is like no other, it is small, intimate in fact, and everyone takes part, the girls selling your brochure dart in and out of the big top and sell candy floss in the interval. Last year I took a photo of one of the outfits and a voice behind me said "they were made from my mother in law's curtains you know!" I looked round to see Toti Gifford owner of the circus, selling brochures. 

I can't recommend this circus enough, it is packed with original music, gorgeous costumes, original artistic direction from Nell Gifford, beautifully trained horses and a goose named Brian. If you get the chance to go, then make sure you book an evening performance and follow the show with a meal in the restaurant, which is a large canvas tent attached to a showman's waggon kitchen. You dine on large communal tables, alongside circus performers, the food is good and sourced locally whilst on the road. I know I will be booking my tickets very soon!

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  1. i MISSED OUT LAST year when it came our way and will definitely be booking up for next it sounds magical


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