Friday, 19 June 2009

only me...

Somewhere along life's journey, in my 20's or maybe even before, I lost my confidence and slowly, very slowly it's coming back. This is thanks in part to the unravelling course here, which I would thoroughly recommend. It helped me address my insecurities and look at who I am and the roles I play in life. It also has brought me back in front of the camera {which I avoided for years}. So here I am ~ a thirty something, wife and mother of two life embracing boys, marketer, photographer and very occasional writer. I am working hard to bring balance back to my life and order to my home {it's always in a constant state of muddle!}. There are still bits of me that I'm not happy with, but I am trying really hard to do something about them, this is after all, my life and I only get one shot at it! 


  1. i know this feeling.
    i think i lost a lot of my confidence and esteem after i became a mom. looking back, i think i gave too much of myself to the kiddies and didnt take the time needed to take care of me.
    now, im in my early thirties and its coming back slowly but surely. but i feel like i wasted too many years hating myself.

  2. I see great things in front of you - this is just the start! xx

  3. completely understand that fear of being in front of the camera and how its all tied up in a confidence thing - like we somehow exist 'more' if there is a record of us.
    love the hat!

  4. Well done for getting back infront of the camera, confidence is a difficult thing and it's great you are getting yours back. I look forward to reading more of your blog xx

  5. Emma, You need to know that you are an inspiration. I look at your blog everyday and am hooked! Your comments strike a chord with me - it's funny but it has taken me becoming a mum to begin to stop the endless criticism of myself and try to look at what I do well. I think that for the first time in years I have something that gives me the same direction I had in my early twenties when at uni and then lost once I entered the 'real world'. The only thing now is finding the time to live life and make my dreams and ideas happen - in this respect you are miles ahead of me! Thank you for writing what most of us feel! Rebecca x (still anonymous as I don't know how to work this!)

  6. yaaay! so happy to read this - you are gorgeous and don't you forget it! (i have seen you in person, i know it's true :) xx


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