Tuesday, 9 June 2009

how to catch a crab...

We spent a few hours on an overcast morning on a harbour wall trying to catch some crabs. Although I was slightly more distracted by trying to stop a five and three year old getting too close to the edge! 

What you need...
~ a length of fishing wire, we bought ours wrapped around a plastic handle
~ a small weight to tie to the end to keep it under the water
~ some raw chicken or bacon as bait
~ a bucket of seawater to keep them in

The best places to catch crabs are sea walls or harbours with deep water below, find a safe spot, we usually sit on harbour steps. Dangle your line into the water and wait, the tug is quite gentle and you will need to pull up your line gently and not too quickly as the crabs need time to get hold of the bait. Our crabs always fall off as we lift them out of the water, so a fishing net would come in handy. Hold the crab either side of the shell and be careful not to get nipped as you put it into your bucket! 

If you get really good then you could even enter the national crabbing championships in Walberswick, Suffolk! 


  1. your holiday snaps are completely captivating. Am also loving your new look.
    My kids love crabbing and I think we may be planning our first trip in our "Bell" to Walberswick so they will happily indulge this pleasure x

  2. Oooh I love crabbing, me and my cousins, aged 6 + 3 + 1 all love it, and we go to Walberswick, it's great there, you can get some the size of plates ! :D


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