Sunday, 7 June 2009


I've been away, did you miss me? But I'm back with many adventures to share and hundreds of photographs to sort through! I have been reading your comments and want to thank you for your suggestions and messages re the name of the blog {which I am still pondering}. Lots of new people who I have never met before have been leaving comments which is lovely, thank you and welcome, I keep wandering off and looking at your blogs, which is a lovely distraction. 

I have started with a few small changes, what do you think? I want to retain the simpleness of the blog but give myself the flexibility to try some new ideas {more about that soon}. The new header is a bit of a work in progress too, but you can't go wrong when you use a picture by the wonderful Susannah

And I must apologise in advance as over the next few days/weeks I will bore you with many a tale from our holiday adventures. 

Oh, it's good to be home...

p.s. thank you for voting for me in the Dorset Cereal blog awards - I came close but not close enough to win the egg cosy and cereal! apparantly every month the blog award nominations get cleared and voting starts again, so if you would like to vote again and have the chance to win yourself some yummy cereal, I would be delighted... 


  1. welcome back - yes i missed you!

    sorry we couldn't meet today, hopefully soon. can't wait to hear all about your adventures and see your gorgeous photos (cos i know they will be)!


  2. I have just come across your blog randomly, using the wonderfully random 'next blog' button, I like all the pictures you take and what you talk about so I am now following you :)

    Thank you for a lovely blog for everyone to read, from Isabelle x

  3. looks good! I wish I were under yr blogroll as bloggers I met- i will be in uk next month! xo

  4. welcome back, love! shame about today but i think it worked out for the best for everyone - we'll have to get plotting for the next one :)

    love the banner!

  5. the blog looks lovely! i hardly recognized who i was reading ;) looking forward to your stories.

  6. Ditto about today - such a shame but I for one was not going to be good company even if I'd dragged my pitiful self up to Oxford. But soon!

    The blog's looking great and I have to say I like it with your name. It's perfect. x

  7. I think your blog is super cute! It's a nice style, kind of casual and sweet :)

  8. Looking good! Cannot wait for more.
    We just bought a Bell Tent x

  9. Welcome back! I adore the image in this post...the oars, the water, great light!

  10. same here:
    shame about sunday... but good to 'see' you again! :)
    love the picture accompanying this post!


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