Monday, 18 May 2009

what's in a name...

photo of me by Susannah 

I need your help, when I started blogging a few years ago, I couldn't think of a name for this blog as I didn't really know how it was going to evolve or what I was going to write about. I ended up choosing my own name as I just couldn't think of anything better or something that wasn't already being used by another blogger! 

I try to write about family and naturey stuff and enjoying naturey stuff with children, laced with the odd recipe, foraging fun, holiday tales and adoration of vintage things. I try not to write about me {unsuccessfully!}. But two years on I still can't think of a name! So I put it to you dear reader to succeed where I have failed and come up with a name for my blog. If you are up for the challenge, please comment below and if I choose your idea, in return, I will send you my 'elderflower champagne' postcard set along with my {very tried and tested - hic!} recipe, just in time for elderflower season! I hope it's a fair swap? I am then planning a little blog make-over along with some new ideas, hopefully launched mid-June. So thanks in advance, I look forward to reading your suggestions...


  1. Oooh, tricky. I know where you're coming from, I named my blog 'Adventures of a Sleepless Toddler' and my son slept through within weeks of starting to write!

    I'm thinking for you, perhaps something about seasons, although it's v hard to come up with something that hasn't been registered already.

    OK ...

    Climbing Trees and Skinning Knees
    Natural Mum
    Young Eyes and Old Things
    Generation Eggs
    Outside is the New In

    ... sorry, probably pants. If I have any more 'inspiration' I'll come back!

  2. Hi Emma,
    I will try to think of a name for you but I don't hold out too much hope! I wanted to ask you a camping question as you are the reason I have recently purchased a bell tent! Can you recommend any campsites in Norfolk? I love Holkham beach so anywhere near here would be super - I have a 18 month old and this is a first trip so I am a little apprehensive! Any advice much appreciated!

  3. Hi there anonymous!
    Check out some bell tent love here..

    I would recommend High Sand Creek in Stiffkey for old fashioned camping {they don't have hook ups}, Kelling Heath is slightly more expensive and near Holt, we have also stayed at West Runton, nearer Cromer a caravanning and camping site, which was a bit twee - they show you to your pitch, manicured lawns, loads of caravans - but it is hidden down a long forest track and has good facilities and space.

    I wasn't keen on deepdale - it is rated really highly - but too close to the main beach road for my liking with little ones and very small and packed together {i like space not hearing my neighbours snore}, or Pinewoods - again next to the amazing Holkham beach - but I just couldn't get away from all those statics and supermarket on site and 24 hour security! The latter two and High Sand Creek get very busy -so book in advance! - Hope this helps? Have a wonderful time, Emma x

  4. Having read your previous post and clicked on the link for '34 things', what jumped out at me was No. 10 - Climb up the highest hill and watch the clouds go by. Whatever you're doing, whatever 'hat' you're wearing (whether it fits or not), be it mother, lover, friend, sister, crafter or whatever, whatever you're doing, your life is going by whether you're on the hill or not "As Clouds Go By".

  5. Hmmm, I love a challenge. Choosing a blog name is something I ummed and ahhhed over forever, and now I've decided I don't like either of my blog's names.

    Here's my suggestions:
    Elderflower (yeah, wonder where I got that from?!)
    Chocolate and Beetroot (I got that from your sidebar but might make you sound like a recipe blog so perhaps Chocolate and Camping or Chocolate, Candlelight and Camping.)
    Pumpkins and Puddles.
    Dragonfly Days

    Ok, they are probably all rubbish but I had fun! Looking forward to seeing your changes.

  6. emma, I love that it's called after you, I don't think you should change it. very classy.

    choosing the name is the hardest bit about blogging I think! I changed the name of my blog three times and I'm still not dead set thrilled about the one I settled on, but I don't want to change again on everyone and throw them off, so are so happy it is! :)

  7. p.s. i love that dress so much. you're darling.

  8. I think 'as the clouds go by' is brilliant!

    It conjures up drifting clouds, slowing down to watch them, playing 'what shape is that cloud' with your wee ones, and sunshine peeking through. I love clouds, they make me want to breath deeper.

    Then there's cloud racing which only requires some space in nature to run ahead of a cloud's shadow!

    And really, when you think about it, all clouds are vintage... ok ok that's taking it a bit too far:)

    I love your blog, whatever you call it.

  9. i agree with kyrie - emma bradshaw works.
    but if you wanted something a bit quirky i think "emma tells..." could be it. because to me, it always seems that your telling us a story. and i love that.

  10. Sliding Doors (Sliding Shutters – for a blog name): I only came across your blog yesterday when I saw a picture of your bell tent and for me it was like looking through the round (semi circle window on the tent!) window into a parallel life, what if I had taken that route on that day. I don’t mean in life but just that I travel and camp a lot in the UK and often I walk too fast past that corner in the street and don’t stop long enough to pause and look. For many of my favourite places, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cornwall you have made me look at them in a new light.

    We have a Soul Pad bell tent we purchased this year (after a disastrous camping trip last year when we lost a tent in the Breacon Beacons). We have a wood burning stove in the bell tent, not quite a gorgeous as the giant farm tents but oh so toasty and it does mean we can camp later on in the year.

    Just the other weekend we were in Aldeburgh camping so when I saw the picture of the ‘shell’ I was hooked by your beautiful photos and kept on clicking. We parked opposite the shell and when I suggested we go and have a look my husband said no lets do that later – we never did. As I said I need to pause more to appreciate the little things. He however had taken the time to take numerous pictures of the nuclear power station!

    I empathise with your comments on visiting such beautiful places on holiday and then returning home. I am still looking for the perfect house, which has meant years wasted on renting, but it is the little things you do that make it home. I love most my mini veg patch and evening spent around our fire pit in the garden. I did giggle about the beetroot brownies, gorgeous aren’t they, I had a glut of beetroot from my vegbox and made some a few months ago, would not tell anyone at work what was in them until they had at least tried one, only one lady was put off after that, she loved them until I told her.

    I don’t know where you get the inspiration to write so often but I do think this is a lovely site you have – certainly cheered up my week. I’m looking forward to pulling out the tent again this bank holiday. Only this time I’m going to take time to stop and look around maybe while my husband is photographing the gas terminal in Bacton!

  11. Funnily enough, I only realised your blog was just your name the other day - for some reason, in my favourites list, it's down as "Emma Bradshaw - the Simple Things in Life" which I think was the name of the first post of yours I read, but I also think it would be a good name for the blog (I hope that doesn't sound rude, it's not meant to - your blog is one of my favourites).

  12. Thank you all for your comments and thoughts, they are very much appreciated and giving me many things to think about. Although now I am wondering whether to change or not, I love the clouds idea - some would say my head is always in the clouds! It's not too late, if anyone else has ideas, I will be mulling things over for a little while longer!

    Emma x

    p.s. Tamara thank you for your post - although i cannot find anything about you? do you have a blog?

  13. i really like 'Elderflower Champagne' for your name!

  14. 'Welcome to the Circus' ?!

  15. I named my bookmark for your post about what you were whistling, a few weeks ago, 'whistling...'. I just love listening to it:)

    Can't wait to see if you change your name. Cheers

  16. althought i really like your name as the name of the blog, i think "elderflower champagne" sounds very nice and goes very well with the mood of the blog :)


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