Thursday, 21 May 2009


We have been having a lot of rain this week, a lot I tell you! But it's OK as it makes everything very green! It has gone from bright sunshine to very heavy rain back to bright sunshine throughout the week, playing cat and mouse with anyone who has gone out without an umbrella! 

I am loving the blog title ideas, thank you all for your comments, I really like the cloud ones so will mull it over for a little while. I have decided to take a little blog break for a few weeks, to plan some changes and re-charge batteries, so I am going to leave you with some link love...

my favourite bloggers are here, here and here

I am inspired by this.

I wish I could be here

and if I had to choose {!} to use just one camera it would be this one


  1. I will miss your posts - come back soon x

  2. Oh such lovely links :)
    I can't wait to see what you come up with. With your fabulous taste it's bound to be beautiful and inspiring.
    And I'm lucky because I get to see you soon and beg for clues!

  3. I've been missing your blog, but hope you're enjoying a nice break. I just blogged about our new camper (see where your inspiration has lead us!) and would be honoured if you'd come by for a visit...
    all the best,

  4. Oh dear... I logged on two hours ago intending to do some work but found your blog and have spent every minute since reading the blog and some of the fab links from it...

    I'm paricularly loving all of the VW links having just done a really long VW campervan trip ourselves (if you fancy taking a look, go to, though sadly our van wasn't as retro as some on your site (we decided that Hectar the 1975 bus, which we tried and loved, wasn't going to make it all the way to India and back...!)

    Thanks for a great read!


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