Wednesday, 13 May 2009

car boot bargains...

A friend introduced me to a local car boot sale on Sunday morning, it was huge and busy and packed with bargains. I picked up this pre-decimalisation vintage till, to go in our play shop. It is in really great condition, considering it is over 30 years old. The boys have been loving playing with it, although competition has been fierce over who gets to be the shopkeeper!

I also met this lady, whose lovely blog I discovered last year and who is even funnier in real life! I have been waiting to see if she blogs about a windbreak this week! I had seen a small camping table for our bell tent but not bought it, she had picked it up and had plans to cover it with a bit of Cath Kidston oilcloth to make it gorgeous and new, I wish I had vision like that! Oh and Julia if you happen to read this I will buy it off you for a good price once it has been covered, if you are looking for a sale!


  1. LOVE that till! I'm thinking I may need to boot before we move, just to get rid of some of our old stuff but I'll probably bring more home.
    Thanks for the link to Vintage Heaven - I'm in love.

  2. They have a till like that in a shop near us and I think it is for sale for about £15.00. It is lovely, I think I would be playing shopkeeper never mind the kids

  3. I never find wonderful things like that at car boots round here! Well done you and lucky boys!

  4. Now look, do you have to take such fab photos??!! Makes mine look even crappier. I knew as soon as I saw that till that you would produce a fantastic shot of it, looks gorgeous.
    The table, I've made such a rubbish job of stapling a bit of oilcloth onto it you really wouldn't want to buy it, I'd be embarrassed to show you. I'll keep my eyes open for another one when I'm next at the car boot, which will of course be EVERY week, I'm sure one will turn up.
    It was lovely to meet you, nice to put a face to the dress, hopefully see you there again.
    Julia xx

  5. that till (or cash register as we Americans call them) is amazing! even though my kids are 9,7,3 I still pick up good wooden finds for their toy kitchen and store. I find, as I'm sure you do, that they never tire of that type of play.

  6. I love the til, what a great find :)
    Just found your blog and etsy shop via the Dorset Cereals site...beautiful images.


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