Saturday, 25 April 2009

We're going on a bear hunt...

We're going to catch a big one.
What a beautiful day!
We're not scared."
by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury

After waking up to rain, at least the day turned out fine and with a few friends we celebrated Ted's 3rd birthday with a 'bear hunt' birthday party. We wrapped little picnic's in large handkerchieves and tied them on to sticks for the children to carry on their own and went for a walk around a beautiful bluebell wood. Pete dressed up as a bear and waited for the children to find him as they walked through the woods "stumble trip, stumble trip" and the river "splash, splosh, splash, splosh." It was so lovely, we didn't organise any party games, after their picnic lunch and hot chocolate the children climbed trees, played with sticks and discovered wood ant nests... just how it should be.


  1. this looks like an absolutely magical birthday party. happy birthday to him!

  2. What a wonderful birthday party.

  3. Oh what a great idea. My son loves that book too. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day.

  4. What a fabulous party. What a lucky boy to have such creative parents, how magical for them, this is definately a memory they will treasure

  5. What a brilliant idea! And what perfect bear-hunting weather. Happy Birthday Ted.

  6. What a lovely idea!
    Why is that I can only read this story in the style of David Bowie?!
    Aah, that is what happens when you have read the same story about a million times!

  7. this is, hands down, the best 3 year old birthday party ever! so good Emma.

  8. Aww! How adorable these pictures are! I keep looking for such Chicago venues for family picnics. I think it is the best way to spend time with your kids. I am thinking of taking my kid and his friends to a picnic just like this.


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