Monday, 27 April 2009

to dig or not to dig...

The allotment dream has been put on hold and dreams of having a small parcel of land planted up by spring with rows of fruit and vegetables are still just that... dreams ~ waiting in rows of plastic trays in our garden. "Why?" you may ask - well because a few Nimby's {not in my back yard} people in the village have decided to complain as 'allotments are not in keeping with the village'... WHAT??!!**??

Our village, once had two sets of allotments, orchards and many market gardens, it is sad but over the years they have one by one been sold off and houses have been built. In fact when the last one was sold off probably 12 + years ago, the village was in decline; shops were closing, the playgroup was under threat of closure and there were less young families in the village than ever. This was due to the spiraling cost of housing, the influx of an aging population {the only people who could afford the housing}, second home owners and people moving from the city looking for 'the good life'. The village was under threat of becoming one big retirement home!

There are more young families here now, in fact the last few years has seen a 'baby boom' and it is so important that we fight for services and amenities like buses, post offices, libraries {ours is always under threat of closure} and allotments. It is so easy to turn our backs and not care, but we must care as without places to meet and things to do, people become isolated, we loose our sense of 'community'. So I appeal to all Nimby's to understand that allotments won't bring noise and pollution, they will bring laughter and fun and a generation of children who will understand where their dinner comes from... and do you know what? they are beautiful and if we grow too many runner beans, we may just share some with you because we're nice like that!


  1. Oh how incredible infuriating and frustrating.. Wishing you all the best (and bucketloads of much needed patience and swallowing-back-the-anger) in getting your village's allotments back (because that's what it is, really, isn't it! Reinstating what used to be part of village life.).
    It does make you wonder, doesn't it; what on earth can people have against allotments...?? I imagine it'll be things like 'we don't like the sight of lots of little makeshift garden sheds' or something...? How sad..

  2. Good grief! You must live in probably the only place in the country that doesn't want allotments!

    Are you going to carry on fighting? I wish you lots of luck and have my fingers crossed.

    Allotments are so life enhancing and beautiful too. I'd much rather look at an allotment than a neatly manicured garden. Plus, you can have them without sheds/greenhouses etc. We're not allowed (supposedly although some have sneaked in).

    Sorry for the long comment, could talk allotments all day!

  3. That is so horrible to hear. Wishing you the best of luck in keeping the allotments in your village. I wish I had one, but they are so popular around here they get snapped up pretty quick. But I guess thats a good thing.

  4. Perhaps you could all sign a letter to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall about it to put some wellie behind the campaign as I am very sure you are aware of his landshare support
    Good luck on this, allotments are a vital part of village life and the fruit and veg could be shared amongst all villagers. Would love to hear of your progress on this.

  5. Rats! And I thought only crap like that took place here (in the U.S.)!

  6. Bizarre - the NT has massive waiting lists for allotments. What is WRONG with your neighbors??

    MMMmmmm... green beans!


  7. I'm at a loss as to what to say, I simply cannot understand this mindset of people. I'm so sorry you've come up against this. They are indeed full of laughter, fun and so hugely educational as well as being a place of peaceful serenity.

  8. Allotments = quintessential village activity = so English

    How so English to be a nimby though.....grrr

  9. I'm so, so sorry, friend.


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