Friday, 24 April 2009

three is the magic number...

My little one is three today *sigh*, it seems only yesterday he was born and how quickly he has grown. Today, a celebration quietly at home with family and tomorrow we will have a party with friends. In fact I have had most of the day with him, just the two of us, playing with his new presents, including the washing line and bowl and doing whatever takes our fancy, perfect. He has known exactly what he wants, "green and blue presents, and you sing jingle bells - the batman smells version ~ not happy birthday!" 

He makes me smile and laugh every day... Happy Birthday scrumptious boy x x 


  1. Happy birthday little one! From me and my three year old xxxxxx

    (We'll sing the Happy Birthday to you, Squashed tomatoes and stew..." version.)

  2. Oh, such a darling. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy.


  3. Happy Three Birthday,batman smells,jingle all the way!!!!

  4. A Happy, Happy Birthday little man. I love your new washing line and bowl. What a great age to be.

    Have a lovely weekend celebrating your birthday

  5. Happy birthday!! Sweet gifts

  6. birthday blessings precious!


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