Wednesday, 1 April 2009

this is what 5am looks like!

a third night and I can't sleep and awake too early. I can hear the boys upstairs as they sleep, each snoring away, they are almost in harmony with each other!

Outside it is still dark, a tawny owl is calling "twoo whit" and its partner replies "too whoo", it is loud so they must be close by. I open the back doors quietly to see if I can see anything, but all that greets me is the cold night air, reminding me that we are still in April and shivering I close them again.

The lights in the house are dimmed as it is still night and it reminds me of the early days of babies, when the days are nights and the nights are days and you inhabit a hushed, dimly lit world. Unfortunately those days are over for me and in a few hours I will need to be at work focused and preferably dressed! That seems like quite a challenge right now as I potter about in my dressing gown...


  1. enjoy the quiet. and the still

  2. I do love waking up before the children and 'pottering' - preferably not as early as 5 though!!!

  3. Another early riser! A few quiet moments with no demands. I love it.


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