Monday, 20 April 2009

blogging in bath...

yesterday, I met with five other bloggers in Bath. I can't quite remember how I came to be invited I think it was through sharing the love of this wallpaper, with this lady! So after a cancelled train {thanks Great Western - you're really not that great!} and a mad rush to get there on time, I met Susannah, Meg, Penny, Leonie and Jo, you can see us all here. A lovely day, shared with some lovely people, eating some lovely food and plans to meet up again ~ yippeeee. Oh and a lovely picture of my dress taken by Susannah. So here's to new friends and new adventures...! 


  1. Hey look what I'm doing with my hands :)
    I think your dress is about to go global! See you again soon I hope. x

  2. LOL! yes, the global dress appreciation society :) can't wait until we meet again xx

  3. Grrrr! The dress! I contemplated and then went for the skirt in the same fabric, now I have seen it on you and Kirstie Allsopp last week. Wish I'd got the dress!

  4. love your picture of bath!
    next up oxford! can't wait :)


    ha ha, your dress is going to be famous!

  5. It was such a great day! I can't wait to see you again soon. P.S. I TOLD you you looked sassy!


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