Thursday, 26 March 2009

love is...

love is..., originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

having a little friend round to play and being allowed hula hoops to eat off your fingers! I look at my little men and the friendships that they have and wonder how long they will last. I can just about remember names and memories of my first friends and days at school and how special those times were and I catch myself from time to time wondering where they are now.

A young childs friendship is unconditional, they don't care what you wear, whether you are rich or poor or what music you listen to. They like you just because. I look at my boys and how they play with their friends and how they smile when they say silly things and when one smiles the rest do... it's as simple as that! They think everything should be equal and fair and they are right.

I learn so much from them every day.


  1. My eldest son's best friend throughout infant school was a girl, she would often come round for tea and he would often go round to hers. Of course when I tell him now (he's the grand old age of 10) he flatly denies it :-)

    Very sweet picture xox

  2. my eldest hugs and kisses all of her "friends" (total strangers, though her age) every time she leaves the library. such open hearts!

  3. emma so nice to see the little ones at the little table/ daughters are much older and I still learn so much from them (with out the hula hoops on their fingers);-) E L K

  4. me too i have memories of the kids i grew up with (from Kindergarten throughout high school). i wonder if little A will have similarly lasting friendships. so far it has been a challenge for him to be and play with other kids, preferring adult company but there are great and recent changes occurring, new friendships growing and it is such a delight and privilege really to observe. it's so pure - such a great reminder and lesson.
    those hula hoops are adorable. this shot reminds me of my backyard boyfriend when i was 2/3yrs. i loved him.

  5. How gorgeous...And in a funny way - the Hoola Hoop thing is romantic (for children)!


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