Tuesday, 3 March 2009

comics and crumpets...

I don't know whether it is the hint of spring in the air or the fact that they have been couped in over winter, but my little lambs are full of energy... Not any old energy I may add, but 'boy energy', full on, testosterone charged displaying. Now that my youngest is almost three it sure makes a difference with both of them running around and wrestling with each other. It takes all my energy as a mum to remain calm, to not get cross and to channel these energies into games that won't lead to arguments or frustrations that seem to just burst out of nowhere. They need to be busy almost all of the time and if they aren't will 'race' each other up and down the hall, which drives me nuts! But I remain calm and use every bit of my 'girl' energy as I can muster, such as bribing them with comics and crumpets...!


  1. Ha! You should see mine run up and down the hallways. And jump off of things! They are like mountain goats...and I have two little girls! :) I think it's just the time of year. Our rule is running only in socks, and I prefer jumping on the bed. ;)

  2. Boys = a noise with dirt on it

    My boys = wrestling, running, jumping, chasing each other (who taught my baby how to run at speed???), jumping on sofas (grr), chasing the dogs, quick pause for some juice and a biccie, more running, quick pause for some tv and a cuddle from mama, more jumping and chasing each other, quick pause to greet daddy home from work, longer pause for dinner, more running and BEING chased to get bath done and pjs on......then bed

    phew.....i want half their energy!


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