Saturday, 21 March 2009

we're going on a bear hunt...

bear, originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

yay! finished the bear for Ted's birthday next month. He is having a 'We are going on a bear hunt' birthday party, based on this book. We thought it would be funny if Pete dressed up as a bear and sat in a deckchair reading a newspaper in a woodland glade and the children had to find him, although we can't decide if this is too scary! What do you think? I was thinking of making 11 little bears like this one that he can give to all the children as party gifts - although that number seems like quite a lot now! I have also found some large spotted handkerchiefs that I can wrap a small picnic lunch in and tie to a stick and the children can carry their own food, Dick Whittington style {plus it saves me carrying everything}. Best send out the invites I think...!


  1. Love the bear, the picnic in the hankie on the stick is a great idea I think the kids would love this, how exciting, can't wait to see any photos that you take of this

  2. Oh, my goodness, what a delightful idea! I think this has to be the most creative party theme I have ever heard of. I can't wait to hear how it turns out...I have a double birthday coming up in May for a to-be-3 and to-be-10 year old. Something like this would be fantastic! Good luck!!

  3. that looks like a vintage stuffed animal, what is the fabric?

  4. Wow, that sounds like a brilliant party. Can I come please? ;-)

    I love the idea of the children finding 'the bear'. How old are they? If they're familiar with the story they should know the bear is pretty benign, he's very sad at the end to be going home on his own.

    I would also LOVE a spotted hanky picnic. Is the bear in the pic one of your felted animals?

    Are the invites part of the theme too? Sorry, questions questions, I'm excited by the idea of a WGOABH party LOL.

  5. Thank you Thimbleina and rustandroses.

    susaninfrance/texas - he is a needlefelted bear that I have made myself, with some brown llama's wools that is so lovely and soft. He does look quite vintage like.

    Mama B - it is a three year old's party but there will be older siblings there too who are five - yes I felted the bear myself and for the invites I have photoshopped the front cover of the book and added some personlisation with the lovely font and coloured text! I think I will try and carry on the bear theme with the cake too!

    I love birthday parties and plan them for ages, this ones not for another month! My eldest has asked for a medieval joust, so he can be a knight! Now that's a challenge!

  6. My kids love that book too! I don't know if a bear in the woods would be too scary or not, but it sounds complicated!


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