Thursday, 12 February 2009


Goodbye snow, hopefully you won't wait another eight years before you come back as we really enjoyed sledging! If you can choose where to go next, go to Australia and put out the bush fires please.


  1. Those poor people, animals, wildlife, habiat etc. it's just awful.

    8 years? you did better than us then, it was 18 years here since the last "decent" (and by that I mean more than a mere smattering of large sleety flakes, proper snow a good 12 inches thick) snowfall.

    I'm just wishing it heralds a glorious Spring and bounteous sunshine for the (fingers crossed) great British Summer!

  2. I totally agree Joanne and make a deal with the Winter, that I will enjoy it and all the cold, wind and rain as long as Summer puts on as good a show!

  3. Just keep saying - it will be sunny and hot, it will be sunny and hot and it may just come true!


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