Monday, 16 February 2009

foraging bags...

...first thing to cross of the list ~ number 25! I have found the most beautiful foraging bags made by Melissa of tiny happy. I have been looking for these bags for a little while after being inspired by this blog. They are gifts for some little children I know and I have put stickers in as well as vintage ladybird books, found on ebay. They are beautifully made from linen and lined, with a vintage button to finish and are plenty big enough for leaves, feathers, stones and seeds - all the treasure that little hands find on nature walks! Thank you Melissa ~ they are perfect!


  1. Oh I love this idea. Love it. I may even have to break out a needle and thread.

  2. thank YOU, emma! so happy you like them. you are a generous mama and friend. :)

  3. excellent! and it looks like just the right size for a little one.

  4. What a lovely blog and so nice to see another British blog - they seem few and far between! Came across you via......nope completely forgotten but never mind! Love this idea for nature rambles - hope they get lots of use. Spring is coming - yay!

  5. I love the vintage Ladybird book, would love to be able to find ones like that, that bring back childhood memories.


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