Saturday, 17 January 2009

a winter walk...

... to blow our cobwebs away. We walked to a haunted gothic mansion, hidden in a secret valley. The mansion has the most amazing gargoyles that were designed to project rainwater away from the building as the valley is very wet. The mansion was never finished, the workmen just left one day, leaving their ladders up against walls and floors were never put in, so fireplaces feature in the middle of walls!

We found a great roe deer skull along the way, but felt it should stay where it was rather than on our nature table! There were also many puddles in which to jump... and on a grey day, that's probably the best way to spend your time...!


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  2. What? No deer skull on the nature table...I dont think I could have kept my little ones hand off the thing. Good for you for getting out and about!


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