Monday, 5 January 2009


...I am working from home and eating way too many of the boys chocolates still lying around from Christmas and listening to New Order's 'Blue monday' on an online radio station.

...Am thinking of having a chinese new year party in February after seeing the above image in an old country living magazine.

...I am inspired by reading new blog 'In heywood's meadow' full of beautiful ideas, adventures and fresh air, I think I will give nature journaling kit bags to all the little people as gifts this year, with a petrie dish, notebook, pencils and a field guide inside.

...Am overjoyed as I was actually at home when a delivery man came! and he delivered a parcel of beautiful bedlinen bought in the sale from here.

...I have reached the point where my computers memory is all used up! Oh no what to do now?

What are you doing today...?


  1. today, i'm buying a new calendar. welcome, 2009!

    love love love your blog. thank you.

  2. thank you Kyrie, lovely, lovely words. But a calendar now - I had one back in October and with two holidays booked on it - am I a control freak and unimpulsive I wonder?

  3. lovely post - chinese new year parties seem like such a colorful, fun occasion!

  4. Hmmmmm, I've been thinking about a Chinese New Year party too. Sounds like fun doesn't it? I wouldn't bother cooking though, it would have to be take out - but I could make it look nice, yeah?

  5. thank you so much, friend! :^D)


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