Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Green Christmas Guide # 9 - Make your own Crackers

The crackers above are made from toilet roll tubes and magazines and are available from I am going to make my own like this and would of done earlier if all the toilet roll tubes in this house weren't already pinched for other craft projects - this week they are the horns on a viking helmet {two tubes stuck onto a builders hat with masking tape!} Anyway - doing this means you can make very personal crackers, with comics or homemade paper and fill them with gifts of your choice instead!


  1. i was just thinking of this and wondering how to make the 'crack'? i didn't grow up with these at Christmas.

  2. you can buy the 'snaps' to go in them - but we prefer to just leave them out, having little ones I usually perforate the paper to make the rip easier, but it is always so noisy with excitement we don't need a snap at all!


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