Friday, 5 December 2008

The Green Christmas Guide # 4 - Source a Sustainable Christmas Tree

There are approximately 60 million trees grown as 'Christmas trees' in the UK at any one time with around 7-10 million trees being sold each Christmas. Christmas is big business with the American public alone spending more than £1.5Bn on trees alone (1998 figures).

Make sure, this year that your tree comes with the FSC mark so that you know it comes from a sustainable source. We don't buy a Christmas tree instead we make do with the top of a tree that is being removed for conservation reasons. Many pine trees were planted in war time Britain as part of the war effort, but have re-shaped our landscape and are not as wildlife friendly as our native woodlands. Landowners managing land with wildlife in mind cut down evergreens and non-native species to replace with more wildlife friendly ones.

We have even had a leylandii tree one Christmas and as students twisted hazel branches draped with fairy lights! They might not be the pretiest Scots pine or conventionally shaped Douglas fir, but have bags of character and don't drop needles! Don't forget to get your tree chipped to use as mulch afterwards, your local garden centre should do this.

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