Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Green Christmas Guide # 3 - Order an Organic Veg Box for Christmas

Take the stress out of shopping and shop online for all of your Christmas veg needs! Buy local and organic fruit and veg and take the air miles out of your Christmas meal. Shop at your local farmer's market or try one of these veg box suppliers...

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  1. We're trying with the 'very few miles' approach! We ordered a very local turkey on the weekend and i'm sure we drove past him/her in the field on the way to the butchers. I'm a vegetarian so i couldn't bear to look!

    We used to use riverford but stopped because the cost was too high for our familyof 5. Their large box really wasn't big enough and we couldn't justify buying 2 or even 3 as they suggested! Luckily for us we have farmers markets and a farm shop to keep our miles low.


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