Friday, 10 October 2008

How to be fast...

{extract from 'Go Slow England' by Alastair Sawday}

Check work emails at the weekend
Buy quick cook pasta
Buy a children's story tape instead of a book
Use a microwave
Do your make-up while stuck in a traffic jam
Buy ready cut fruit in a plastic container
Drive around the gym car park looking for a space nearest the door!
Ignore the contents of the fridge and order a take-away
Drive to everything, regardless of time of day, distance or weather
Ask someone how they are, whilst busying yourself with what you are doing
Drive to the supermarket and buy a ready meal
Text your teenagers upstairs to let them know dinner is ready
Answer you mobile regardless of where you are and who you are with
Listen to an ipod rather than nature
Check out budget flights as soon as they come out

coming tomorrow - How to be s l o w . . .


  1. Hi Emma,
    I'm wondering how to write this without seeming a weirdo LOL! I found you through a comment on Melissa's Green Parent blog and noticed that you have written about cycling around Canop Ponds a couple of years ago.
    I live in the Forest of Dean and just wondered if you were local. I'm really resonating with some of the things you have written about, so was trying to figure out if, at last, I have found someone local to me who doesn't think ethical living is strange or hippy :D

  2. yes rachelle I am fairly local to you, not quite in the Forest tho, but in the Cotswolds.

  3. Ah, I see! Well if ever you are out this way again, or if I come to your neck of the woods I will drop you an email.

    Keep up the great blog; I love your style and way of thinking,


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