Saturday, 18 October 2008

falling for fall...

... is the title of this months project from "The Photo Trade". I am extremely excited as I was lucky enough to be one of the thirty in this months trade and were that not enough, my partner is someone whose photos I had previously admired and favourited on flickr! Plus we get to trade with each other, which I think is really great change too.

I felt a little added pressure this month, (knowing there were fewer participants in the 'trade') to be as good as Jen and others that regularly take part, so I thought long and hard about which camera to use, the subject and my interpretation of it. So I had a photo shoot, with props and involving the whole family and hot chocolate {of course!}. Here is a shot of our woodland "set"...!

The photo's will be on their way to you on Monday, Steph - I do hope you like them? I will try to contain my impatience and wait until you have received them before posting on flickr, so I don't spoil your surprise...!

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