Thursday, 9 October 2008

a bad year for blackberries...

It has been a bad year for blackberries - a summer full of rain hasn't helped. We have had many forages down country lanes, but only managed to gather enough to make one crumble each time and not enough left over to freeze or preserve! This is my favourite hedgerow find and reminds me of many sunny summer days as a child picking, eating and staining my clothes! I hope there have been enough berries and seeds for the birds to eat in preparation for the winter ahead?


  1. Oh! I thought it was just me and our local hedgerows! There's a long hedgerow around some pretty affluent houses and we've had to search for so long that i'm sure we've looked like we were suspiciously eyeing up the houses!

    Summer/Autumn 2008 = 1 crumble. Just the one. A small one!

  2. bigbucketgirl, we have managed just three crumbles - a poor year indeed!


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