Tuesday, 23 September 2008

flip flops in the rain...

these last few days have given us spells of bright sunshine and I have been wearing my flip flops! Today I knew it was a step too far as my toes got wet and cold in the rain! uurrrh it really must be Autumn and no amount of flaunting my toes is going to stop nature! In fact it just doesn't seem right to crunch leaves in flip flops at all does it? - it really is an activity best practised in boots! I tend to swing from flip flops to boots and never really do shoes at all. Oh well best put them away until next Spring - oh how far away that sounds!


  1. I'm exactly the same - barefoot indoors, flipflops outside but now having to make the transition to boots and wellies. Don't do shoes and at a push will do trainers! I did a stupid thing and jetwashed the back garden on Saturday wearing flipflops.....cue freezing cold, dirty and slightly stinging toes!

  2. Lovely words and great pics. Is so nice to read.


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