Monday, 4 August 2008

a return to the good life...

photograph by simply photo

every once in a while I read something that sends a shiver down my spine, well yesterday's Sunday paper did just that here I saw a future that scared me. The rising costs of food and fuel worry me {well it doesn't take much as I have to worry about something!} I don't have enough land to be self sufficient, in fact I hardly have any land, but it scares me how in this country we have become this 'on demand' society where food is delivered 'just in time'. We have lost all connections with the land in just one generation.

My mum was born just after the war, when rationing was still going on, she learnt to be thrifty {she still has ALL the buttons that were removed from old clothes before throwing out and her blackout curtains - that I use for photography backdrops!} that knew how to grow fresh vegetables and eat all of an animal not just the choice cuts that we prefer today. She grew up in a time that took just what it needed and appreciated little treats, such as sweets! She knew how to scrub and make a house clean using lemon, vinegar and elbow grease not the bleach and labour saving and environment polluting devices today!

Although I do sound as if I am hankering for a life in the 1940's I am not - but I just don't understand how a culture so far down the wrong route economically can pull itself back? Most people my age live in tiny starter homes - crammed into building developments built on top of allotments! How can our generation grow vegetables - just where do you start and why doesn't anyone else seem to worry about this?

We have started our personal journey by asking our Parish council for an allotment. We delivered our petition of six names and addresses to our council on the 16th July and a councillor is investigating how to take our application forward. I guess one by one, we will make a difference and we all have to believe that each tiny step we make is in the right direction and our knowledge and passion in doing the right thing will influence and inspire others...


  1. emma - you are definitely not the only one who worries about this. i worry about how insignificant the steps i try to take seem. i'd love to have a garden with vegetables and be incredibly environmentally friendly. it always seems like i am taking one step forward and two steps back. but i keep trying more because i want my boys to learn how to live responsibly rather than deluding myself that i am making a huge dent in the crap that is happening. you seem to be making good choices in your life and striving to provide the best life for your boys too.

  2. good for you- I am thinking about this too. Tell me more about what yr petition is...

  3. this generation probably won't see it, but i'm working very hard to make sure the next generation won't make the same mistakes (and i know you are too)


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