Sunday, 17 August 2008

the Photo Trade...

me..., originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

This is the second month I have taken part in The Photo Trade and so far it has been great. I love receiving anonymous packages from around the world and the anticipation to see what's inside them and how the different photographers have interpreted this months assignment.

This months assignment is "Eat Well - Live Well" tell a story through your favourite meal. I took the pictures for the trade of a meal I prepared especially for this challenge. Whilst we were on holiday in Norfolk a few weeks ago, all along the coast road there were little stalls with bags of freshly picked fresh samphire from the marshes. Samphire tastes like salty asparagus, so I cooked it with a fresh egg and some wholemeal bread for supper - yum!

The picture above was taken by my husband {directed by me!} on my LOMO and the picture below was taken with a polaroid 680. It was taken on a campsite as the sun was setting, giving the most beautiful light.

I hope the recipient enjoys the pictures!

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