Sunday, 17 August 2008

my shop is now open...

After a few requests, I am delighted to announce that my etsy shop is now open {cue the fanfare please}. I have been meaning to get round to doing this for sooooooo long now, so please join with me and raise your glass "clink" in this virtual opening ceremony. I chose my favourite shots from my "Tales from the Riverbank" collection to launch with and I have put together a set of four postcards.

I will gradually add more and offer bespoke prints etc... but for now it's a start. I am new to this and would welcome your feedback to the shop and the prints etc... so please stop by and let me know what you think?
many thanks, emma x


  1. Yes, very Enid Blyton. Love them!

  2. I think the prints are gorgeous, truly. Can I make a suggestion which I hope is constructive. I would buy these prints, but I would like to see more. It's always better the more photos there are, so I'd include closer shots of the individual cards. Also, you say they're postcards but having bought different ones through etsy, it can mean different things. For some it means that they're printed onto a postcard so on the reverse it shows the line down the centre, then usually has postcard in a cursive script on it. For others postcard means that it's just on photo paper you can write on - for me knowing the difference helps.

    I hope that's constructive, honestly, because I do love them. With my own shop I know that there are things I could do much better (like taking photos as good as yours for a start!) but there are probably also things I can't see.


  3. Thank you both, really good points Victoria, I will update my shop to address your comments and thank you for taking the time, I really appreciate it. It was a lot more difficult than I thought to get time and actually set up a shop, so I really want to get it right! I am working on some more items too - so the set wont be so lonely! emma x


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