Thursday, 17 July 2008

growing your own vegetables...

grow, originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

is the best way for children to learn and love them. We grow different things each year, chosen by the boys from seed packets and planned very carefully. From the joys of planting and digging up potatoes to the naughtiness of eating strawberries straight off the plant - destined never to make it to the kitchen.

It's the perfect way for children to learn about seasons, about wildlife, about food and about self sufficiency. Everyone can grow their own food too it's easy, even if you have no garden you can get an allotment or grow potatoes in a bag of compost! We have a tiny garden so make it work for us by rotating the crops!

My favourite vegetable is just starting to grow - the courgette, I love the flowers {which are edible} and the amount that you get from just one plant. To me it's a sign that summer is really here when I see these big yellow flowers and it wont be long until I can make my favourite recipe - chocolate & courgette muffins!

If you are inspired to plant something today - nip to the garden centre and buy a pumpkin plant you still have enough time to grow it for November!

Tell me - whats your favourite thing to grow?


  1. I love your blog. I just found it and already I am hooked. My favorite thing to grow....Snap Peas. My kids love them and eat them straight from the vine when they are outside playing.

  2. I love cherry tomatoes. They are so expensive at the farmer's market and I like to eat them by the basketful. There's nothing like stepping outside, picking a tiny tomato and popping it in your mouth - still warm from the sun. Yum yum. And such a perfect help-yourself snack for the little ones. Right now we only have space for container gardening but we have a share at a local farm that has more pick-your-own veggies so she is learning more and more each season about where her food comes from and why our local farmer's are so important.

  3. Well, tomatoes WOULD be my favorite thing to grow if I could get them to grow. I guess I'll have to vote for basil... as it's the only thing that will flourish for me :-)


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