Wednesday, 16 July 2008

dressing up fun...

hello cowboy, originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

do you remember as a child dressing up games. You would wear your mum or dad's shoes, maybe use a scarf, gloves, coats to role play and dress up as Dr's, nurses, teachers, firemen {with the garden hose}.

I remember loving hats and aprons! I think dressing up as a cleaner was my favourite thing - with feather duster and scarf over my head! Years ago it was great as it was all about imagination not about buying a complete outfit from a shop! You would often mix and match so you would be maybe a cowboy and a doctor at the same time! And the joy of being allowed to rummage in your mum's wardrobe - ah those were the days!

We have a small collection of dressing up things at home that we have gathered or been given, some hats {a la cowboy pictured above}, large handkerchiefs etc... but I was very inspired by Soulemama's blog, she uses old suitcases to create special dressing up gifts here - isn't it a lovely idea?

So dear readers, my challenge to you, is to think all the way back to when you were young and remember what your favourite dressing up outfit was and share it with me?

{this blog entry is dedicated to Jenny : the queen of dressing up!}

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  1. Hi Emma,

    I just found your beautiful blog and I know this is an old post but I loved it so much I had to comment!

    When I was small I used to love to dress up as a little Indian girl and my brother was a little blonde haired cowboy! Must say your little cowboy is adorable too! I have always remanined obsessed with cowboys and Indians, esp the Cath Kidston range as a grown up! Lots of Love from Ireland

    Kerri xx


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