Monday, 9 June 2008

for the love of light...

I have just ordered my copy of this book. I just love the photography of Jen Altman the creator of the book, so am waiting excitedly for my copy to be delivered. I must also remember to scan in my new polaroid photographs and upload them here and flickr now that I have rediscovered the joys of taking Polaroid shots. I am also backing the "save polaroid" campaign, as this year Polaroid announced it would no longer manufacture it's film anymore! So if any readers are wondering what to get me for my birthday (hint, hint, hint) bulk supplies of 600 film please!

We love our Polaroid camera and it is a great first camera for a child, with its photos that 'appear by magic'. A couple of my friends have bought digital cameras for their children - but this only works if you download them onto a computer and therefore takes the focus away from the child, my children need instant results and therefore love the polaroid pictures that end up on their bedside as a momento of the day!

so please polaroid - keep making film

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