Tuesday, 3 June 2008


coffee, originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

I have been playing around with photoshop and picnik after being inspired by the pictures here www.nectarandlight.typepad.com/. I just love the light and texture of a polaroid shot and am thinking of finding my old one in the attic, dusting it off and investing in the very expensive film that it needs (the reason why I stopped using it). In my quest to improve my photography skills and take the 'perfect' picture - I have turned away from the non perfect and slightly blurred shots that I so admire in others and yet delete (shock horror) in mine!

The other thing I do at the moment - mainly because I am tired is 'look' for the picture in my everyday life and sometimes it becomes too forced - I find it very difficult to have inspiration or creativity when I am tired or busy at home or work. I read blogs of others who sometimes post daily and I admire them for having the eloquence to construct a paragraph every day...

I guess sometimes I just don't feel like talking...!

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  1. i agree. i so admire those that can write everyday and sometimes (rarely) i find i am one of those bloggers, but most of the time i write when i am inspired, whenever that may be. isn't it funny how the "arty" pictures that are admired by others are the ones i consider trash in my own file. :)


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