Saturday, 24 May 2008

come let us stray our gladsome way and view the charms of nature...

stream dipping, originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

today we had a family day out to a beautiful nature reserve with rivers that meander through flower meadows. It was a little windy but apart from that fine. Armed with a picnic, identification guides and nets we dipped in the river to see what we could find. We caught three very little fishes, had a good look at them and then let them swim off again. Apart from some cows and a few people walking, there was hardly any one around.

We then drove not less than a mile away through a very pretty village/tourist hotspot that was swarming, literally swarming with tourists. "How sad" I thought and what a contrast, that people go to where there are others, will queue for parking and food almost like lemmings whilst dragging their children around. Will even call their experience a trip to the country - but is ISN'T! Buy a map and follow a footpath rather than a car parking sign!

I am known to actually avoid anything with the title 'family fun' and as for a visit to an attraction in the summer - forget it, it's the countryside for us all the way with it's hidden, magical spots just waiting for us to discover.


  1. How fabulous! What wonderful scenery, and memories for your children.

  2. this is what a nature preseve should look like. Strangely, here, just outside washington, DC, the "nature center" is artificially groomed, with mown lawns, manicured hedgerows and fabricated mazes. It's a nice place to go for a walk ... but it's NOT "natural."

    I am in love with your pastoral images!

  3. how interesting Molly - exactely the opposite of what a nature reserve should be! Thank you for your lovely comments ;0)


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