Saturday, 12 April 2008

buy local

I recently read a newspaper article that said 95% of people staying in self catering accomodation bring food with them, thus not helping the local economy. I was really shocked by this statistic and then realised that since I have had children, I have got very organised and prepare for everything and anything and I pack for every eventuality and weather condition (which actually in the UK at the moment could happen in just one day!). The thought of going to the middle of nowhere (we do seem to choose quite remote locations) where there are no shops causes me to worry and start most sentances in the weeks leading up to our hols with "what if?". I drive my husband mad, before he met me he would take himself off "man" camping on a whim with only a tin of beans, toothbrush, sleeping bag and tent and have a great adventure.

Anyway, the holiday company we went with recommended a 'welcome box' delivery scheme and that coupled with the fact we had to walk 300 yards from our car along a coastal footpath to the railway carriage that was it, this was going to be the holiday that would change my behaviour! We got to the railway carriage and the most gorgeous local products were awaiting us; bara brith, welsh cakes, bread, eggs, milk, sausages, bacon (really top quality meat), welsh cheese, welsh tea - it lasted us a good few days. We added local produce and had a few meals out or take aways in, perfect. What I did notice is the amount of rubbish we usually generate with packaging had reduced and we didn't end up carting food back home (emergency tins of rice pudding) with us! We had a fantastic time, discovered new and exciting foods such as bara brith and local ale and supported the local economy, I am certainly not going back!

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  1. This sounds like a great holiday experience. I think, making it simple is a good tip!
    Nice blog.


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