Tuesday, 25 March 2008

our nature table and the importance of environmental education

This is our our nature table, an old fashioned concept but something, years ago, you would find in most class rooms. but not today, which is why we have our own at home as we think it is very important. Did you know that environmental education was not on the school curriculum for key stages one and two in the UK? I was shocked to learn this and promptly signed the petition (linked below) to get it into the curriculum. My little boy attends a rural school overlooking beautiful green countryside, they go outside and play on a concrete playground and he hasn't ever been into the wildlife area, which is overgrown, I find this very, very sad indeed.


If global climate change is at the heart of the world's problems, then environmental education must be at the heart of the school curriculum. NAEE (National Association for Environmental Education) believes that Environmental Education provides young people with the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to understand why we should all adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, and equips them to take the positive action outlined in the 'Sustainable Schools' strategy.

Environmental Education was a cross-curricular theme just over a decade ago; its seven topics encompassed the recurring issues relating to climate, biodiversity, waste minimisation, conservation of energy, water and the earth's natural resources. This approach fitted primary and secondary schools alike, and its emphasis on experiential learning outside the classroom suited all age and ability ranges. NAEE proposes a similar approach should be included in today's curriculum.

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