Sunday, 24 June 2007

recipe for stargazey pie

Traditionally stargazey pie is made with mackerel and eaten in Mousehole, Cornwall on Tom Bawcocks Eve, 23rd December each year. To celebrate when fisherman Tom Bawcock went out in a storm to save the village from stavation in the 16th Century. This is our favourite fish pie recipe (pinched from our friend Kate) made with pastry fishes instead of mash on top!


chunky salmon fillets
chunky cod fillets
smaller amount of smoked haddock
fresh double cream
carrots (diced)
shortcrust pastry


1. hard boil eggs, when cooked cut them in half. Boil and dice carrots

2. place all chunks of fish in pie dish and cover with ample amounts of cream

3. add spinach, eggs and diced carrots and lightly season

4. cover pie dish with pastry

5. make fish shapes out of pastry and poke their heads through the pastry crust so they can gaze at the stars!

6. serve with hot creamy mashed potato and peas!

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